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top 5 dress for kids in wish karo india

top 5 dress for kids in wish karo india

Top 5 dress for kids in wish karo india.

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New Fashion Trends for Girls We’re Loving Right Now

As parents, we always want our kids to look their best. Although they are already cute and super adorable, kids' dresses in vibrant colors and designs, bring about a certain charm that makes tiny munchkins look even cuter. When it comes to girls’ clothing, there are so many sporty, colorful and fresh options available that are beyond our expectations. However, just like adults, girls' fashion trends also keep on evolving. Stylish clothes for girls make a fashion statement and enhance their look in a unique way. And while you might not know about all these trends, we have listed down the best trends for girls that can make your little princess look her best. She’ll love wearing these dresses and you won’t get tired of capturing her in these super amazing trending clothes for girls. 

1- Ethnic dresses:

Ethnic clothing has become fashionable as a way to showcase Indian beauty. Many children's clothing brands provide an incredible selection of ethnic outfits, ranging from lovely baby girl lehengas to darling salwarkameez, and Indo-western outfits to stunning gowns.

Prepare to wear adorable and stylish choli’s that are ideal for a little girl. Each ethnic dress is a timeless classic, with decorations of pearls, stones, beads, sequins, and eye-catching needlework.

On special occasions, always choose ethnic costumes to improve your baby girl's appearance. When your little diva wears ethnic clothing, she appears much cuter!

Baby Girl Ethnic Wear

2- Floral prints:

Floral prints are difficult to beat when it comes to girl fashion style. A stunning variety of flower print baby girl dresses, including blouses, t-shirts, one-pieces, gowns, midis, frocks, jackets, and skirts, is the ideal way to usher in the new season.

The creation of large floral arrangements in the form of blooming flowers, buds, petals, or plant patterns is both invigorating and fashionable at the same time.

The patterns, designs, and fabrics of the baby girl's dresses are all different. As a result, a collection of floral children's suits would be ideal trending outfits for girls.Choosing flower patterns for a party or a picnic is a nice way to go.

3- Animal prints:

Allow your baby girl to look even more beautiful as spring approaches by wearing her in eye-catching animal print gowns.

Your girl would adore the cute animal print embossed on the bodices of the dresses, leggings, and shirts. So feel free to dress your baby girl in animal pattern gowns that are both stylish and beautiful!

Make sure the fabric of the dress is smooth and comfortable so she can wear it all day long! You can readily get children's clothing in animal patterns online, ranging from attractive giraffes to trendy unicorns, luring whales to lovely butterflies; all of these items of clothing are sure to be popular trending outfits for girls throughout the season.

4- Asymmetrical cut dresses:

Dresses with an asymmetrical cut are one of the most notable fashion trends for 2021. Long-lined short-cut dresses are out-of-the-way and incredibly appealing. Dresses with an asymmetrical cut will look great on your baby girl.

When shopping for children's clothing online, seek outfits that are attractive and have fantastic visual effects. The asymmetrical outline in clothing gives it a distinct look, while the asymmetry of colours or textiles creates a fascinating contrast.

5- Western dresses:

Dress your baby girl in attractive short dresses so she can showcase her charm everywhere she goes. In baby girl fashion trends 2020, western dresses, fluffy skirt sets, short sets, and midis have proven to be attractive wardrobe clothing items.

When doing online kids shopping and looking for an incredible girl fashion style, always opt to choose dresses in lovely bright colors.

For your small girl, short dresses come in a variety of colors, patterns, styles, and designs. Discover the most recent assortment of short dresses that she will admire for a long time.

Dress her up in charming short dresses which are comfortable, durable, and elegant, and which are appropriate for any occasion! You can always make choices for your princess because the online portal such as Wish Karoprovides a lovely collection for you to choose from.

Modern Dress For Girl

6- Retro style dresses:

When it comes to children's clothing fashion trends, the retro-style constantly takes the center stage.

When it comes to trending outfits for girls in2021, sequins work, fringes, designs made with colored ribbons, embellishments of beads, breathtaking pearl work, stripes, imprinted on bodices, polka dots pattern, and bright colored cloth pieces are evergreen and stylish.

7- Big sleeves:

This new fashion style is aimed at girly girls. Big sleeves on floating skirts and tops create a dreamy, boho appearance that's super on-trend. To finish, add a flower crown and gladiator sandals to complete the ensemble. Your girl will be fully set for a nice supper at her favourite restaurant or a fun day out with her best pals.

8- Bows:

Bows are an excellent addition to any outfit. Here are some ideas for incorporating bows into your little girl's outfit:

  • A traditional bow headband
  • A bow hair clip and a shoulder strap dress with a bow tie
  • A shoulder strap top with a bow tie
  • A dress with a tie waist
  • A simple ribbon is knotted across the shoulder of a shoulder bag.

Bows can be added to any casual, classic, or girlie attire to bring a touch of sweetness. The bow trend is expected to last for a while, so if your girl adores them, they're an incredible fashion investment! Whether you are searching for cute outfits or hair accessories, Wish Karo has options that will leave your baby girl asking for more. Go explore.

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The Best Attires for Your Little Princess

Choosing and purchasing the appropriate baby girl fancy dresses online for their girl’s birthday or any other special occasion can be a difficult chore for most parents. Every parent wants the best for their little angel, and in this case, a parent must be informed of what is available and what the greatest outfit for their little girl to purchase is. On the internet, you can choose from a large selection, making it much easier for you to find the perfect one for your young princess. Lace dresses are so timeless and classic that you won't have to worry about them going out of style. Pure silk dresses are elegant and appropriate for all of life's special moments. A range of chiffons and georgettes are available for a light and breezy effect. Velvets are an excellent choice for a rich, weighty aesthetic. Many discerning customers select designer gowns for little girls because of their cut, style, fit, and elegance.

One of the most important considerations to make before a baby girl wear online shopping is its fit and comfort. Dresses with cotton inside are comfier for your little girl to wear. Choose zipper backs since they are simple to put on and take off. Overall, a tie-back sash ensures an excellent fit.


Choose pieces that are elegant and timeless:

  • You should wear a dress that is both stylish and sophisticated. Halter or strappy styles are options. Because these necklines are unique, they could add a pop of colour to your little girl's clothing.
  • Dresses featuring rosettes are really fashionable.
  • Smart casuals, such as corduroys or sheath dresses, are a good choice.
  • Dresses with balloon hems are really fashionable right now.
  • Silk gowns will always be a classic choice for special occasions.

Keeping these points in mind, you can choose fashionable attires for your baby girl and go for the best online stores for girl clothes.

Consider your child's comfort:

When selecting a dress for your small girl, design and trend should not be the only considerations; comfort is also crucial.

  • Your young princess's outfit should be constructed so that she may easily slip in and out of it.
  • Easy off and easy on dressing is further aided by a zipper fastening.
  • Even if the dress is a little on the bigger side, tie-back sashes can help a lot with attaining the appropriate fit.
  • If the innermost lining is made of cotton, it goes a long way toward ensuring that your little girl is comfortable throughout and that the outside textiles do not harm her.

So, always consider your baby girl’s comfort while choosing dresses looking for the best online clothing stores for girls.

Avoid buying oversized dresses:

Greetings, parents! It's time to abandon your old habits of buying big dresses for your children. Always buy a well-fitting dress for your child, especially if she is a tiny girl. That doesn't imply that you're putting her safety at risk. You should select a perfect fit with all of the necessary elements. The first thing that defines a person's personality is what they wear, and wearing the ideal clothing will boost their confidence.

Consider fabric and climate:

Children look adorable with any outfit. When it comes to purchasing for baby girls, there are a few things to keep in mind. Before deciding on a dress, the fabric is quite crucial to consider. Certain textiles are more comfortable for children, and as a mother, you will quickly learn what your child likes and hates. Cotton, chiffons, and silks are popular among children because they are light, airy, and comfy. They will be joyful outside only when they are at ease with the dress they are wearing. Dresses should also be chosen according to the season. Cotton and chiffon clothing is ideal for the summer season. This kind of fabric will make them feel at ease. Cotton dresses absorb more sweat, allowing the baby to stay cool and comfortable. During the colder months, opt for velvet dresses or a layered style. You can make your child wear a polo-necked t-shirt inside a shift dress. She'll be ready to leave if she wears it with stockings and a decent knit cap.

Consider fabric and dresses suitable with the seasons, while buying clothes for baby girls and looking for the best online stores for girl clothes.


When buying clothes for your children, keep in mind that they should be safe for them. You will also receive clothing for your children that do not fulfil the safety requirements.

It is critical to get infant garments that meet all safety requirements. Also, babywear dresses with large bows, buttons, flowers, or hooks should be avoided. These items may pose a choking hazard to children.

Furthermore, you should avoid purchasing clothing with waistbands because they might cause strangling.

Neck size:

Consider the neck size when selecting your baby girls’ dresses. Dresses that are too loose or too tight can restrict movement and upset babies.

High-neck dresses can make your baby feel suffocated. It is recommended, however, that the baby wear dresses you buy online have an adjustable elastic neckline.


How could anyone overlook accessories when selecting outfits for their baby girl? Accessorize your princess with the appropriate headband, bags, bracelets, belly shoes, and other items. In every gathering, a well-coordinated and ornamented youngster stands out.

Few best dresses for your baby girl which can give a princess look:

1- Contemporary lehenga set:

When it comes to Diwali, weddings and other such occasions, a classic lehengacholi will always be a wardrobe staple. With a wonderfully adorned chaniyacholi outfit, you can make a statement in Indian fashion. Combine it with a brightly coloured crop top to personalize your baby girl's style for this special occasion.

2- Dazzling modern Ethnic wear:

Mermaid lehengas, also known as fish cut lehengas, are always in style. Consider how your girl will look in a contemporary lehenga. With this comfy lehenga, the girl can go wherever she wants. Frocks are also staple and are available in many different colours, designs and fabrics.

Always buy those lehengasand ethic dress from the best online clothing stores for girls such as Wish Karo India because you should not compromise with the quality of dresses while buying for your baby girl.

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Comfort vs. Fashion: Choosing Kids Wear for Baby Girls

Every female, from the tiniest to the most mature, enjoys dressing up. Some people prefer to see themselves in attractive attire, while others choose clothing based on their comfort. When it comes to fashion, females are spoiled for choice because there are so many styles to choose from. When it comes to purchasing for baby girls, though, there are a few things to keep in mind. Check out some of the important things to consider while selecting children's clothing for baby girls when you play to buy baby girl clothes online.



While there is a wide variety of outfits to choose from, bear in mind what your child is most comfortable in. When it comes to choosing between comfort and fashion, comfort always wins. Fabric for infant girls should be smooth and non-irritating to the skin. The greatest option for dressing up your baby girl is to choose a dress that is lightweight, comfy, and beautiful. So, always choose comfortable clothes for baby girl wear when online shopping.


Baby Girls Party Wear Frock Birthday Dress For Girls


Don't forget to think about the fabric before you choose a dress for your little girl. Not every child is at ease in a variety of fabrics. Fabrics like net,chiffon, cotton, and silk are popular among children because they are airy, pleasant, and light. As a parent, you must be aware of your child's likes and dislikes in order to clothe her appropriately. The outfit chosen for a special occasion should be stylish and classy while still being comfy. Keeping that point in mind, you can buy a decent dress for girl.


Baby Girls Party Wear Frock Birthday Dress For Girls


Dresses for baby girls must be chosen in accordance with the climate to be more appropriate. During the summer, for example, cotton clothing is recommended since it easily absorbs perspiration. Organic children's clothing is fashionable and in high demand these days. It's because the cloth is made of high-quality organic cotton. It protects your child's sensitive skin from allergies and rashes. You can dress your baby girl in velvet dresses or choose a layered appearance for the winter.


Dress size is always important when shopping for a new-born girl. Some parents believe that their children will grow quickly and, therefore consider it beneficial to purchase a larger size. However, the dress's size should be a proper fit, since only then will it appear nice on your new-born girl.

The skin of a baby is soft and sensitive. As a result, make sure your baby girl is dressed in cotton rather than synthetic fibres. Consider this point and buy comfortable dress for girls.


Drawstrings should not be used in children's clothing since they have a tendency to wrap around the child's neck and pose a hazard. Fasteners should not be installed incorrectly, as this could cause harm to the child. They should be soft, warm, and porous, with elasticized garments being avoided for babies.


Trims like decorative machine stitching, embroidery, smocking, ribbons, braid, and ruffles can make a garment distinctive for a child, but keep in mind that harsh materials with sharp edges should not be used in baby garments since they might injure the delicate skin.


Dresses that can be opened in full should be ideal for children. Always put Velcro on children's clothing since it makes it easy for them to change their garments.

Flame retardant:

Since children enjoy experimenting and may play with fire because they are unaware of the dangers, the cloth should be flame resistant.

Children's clothing must have adequate seam allowances and styles that allow adults and children to effortlessly wear and remove the garments.

Design and colour:

Clothes should be simple and sophisticated at the same time. It depends on the situation, and their clothing's lively style, eye-catching colours, and superb designs characterize their style statement. Jazzy colours and multi-colored motifs are always popular with children. The days are gone when children only wore the dresses that their parents chose for them. Kids nowadays always desire to be dressed in fashionable clothes to appear fashionable.

Kids Preference

They like to wear clothes of their choosing and have their own personal favourites. Children's clothing comes in a wide range of styles, including children's fashion clothes, children's nightwear, children's readymade clothes, children's rompers, children's shirts, children's knitted wear, children's winter clothing, children's summer clothes, and organic clothes. Parents must encourage their children's creativity; it is always preferable for a child to adopt a style with which they are comfortable if they want to draw the attention of other children their age. Encourage your child to wear colours and styles that they prefer, rather than what others urge them to wear because eye-catching colours and beautiful designs express their personality and make them stand out from the crowd, attracting the attention of people of all ages. By selecting a perfect design and colour, you can choose a decent dress for girl and buy comfortable dress for girls.

Whatever you think of their choices, it is always preferable for a child to wear styles that they are comfortable with rather than following what everyone else is doing. When influencing your child's dress selections, make sure they understand the importance of specific occasions in their wardrobe. Encourage children to wear colours and styles that they prefer rather than following what everyone else says. Don't try to do everything for them before allowing them to experiment on their own. It's always a good idea to go with your child's preference while also considering what suits them the best. Websites such as Wish Karo have a lot of option for you to explore with your kids.

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Stylish Party Wear, Designer & Birthday Dresses as per seasons for Girls

A birthday or a party day is a time for celebration and delight, particularly when it is a child's birthday. They bring joy and delight to the entire family and are adorable little creatures we all love.


This day holds a special place in the hearts of the parents, and it is also an important day to remember over time. As a result, most individuals want to make this day as special and memorable as possible for their children. Parents go to great measures to make their child's birthday a day to remember. They pick a cartoon, superhero, or even a colour scheme based on their child's preferences. Costumes and decorations are also chosen in this manner.

Choosing an outfit for your baby girl's first birthday or a party day might be difficult since you must consider the weather and choose a dress that is both stylish and comfy. We've compiled a list of the 11 most cute baby party wear dresses online for your princess's birthday celebration. They are also party wear dresses for 4 years girl.

1- Best outfit for Spring:

Easter is a wonderful part of spring, so why not integrate it into your baby's 1st birthday costume for the season? Flowers, little chicks, and charming lambs all make for great spring ensembles. For an annual celebration like Easter, costumes are an easy choice, but for your baby's first birthday, keep it more about them. At this time of the year, pastel pinks, greens, blues, and yellows are excellent colour choices. So, you can choose any colour from them for stylish baby girl clothes online.

Stylish Kids Birthday Frock Dress

2- Special dress idea for Summer:

This season is known for floral patterns, polka dots, and even critters like bees and ladybirds. Yellow, blue, and red are bright and vibrant primary colours that will make your baby girl stand out on her special day.

Shorts, t-shirts, dresses, or even charming tutus, available in multi-coloured materials, are great for providing a dash of colour throughout the warmer months and they are also one of the best party dresses for baby girl. You might also choose a sweet white lace dress

Stylish Kids Birthday Frock Dress

3- Autumn outfits:

More subtle and warmer tones are introduced this season. Autumn colours include browns, oranges, bronze, and auburn. Dresses are still an option once the colder weather sets in and you can start wearing your woollies, tights, and boots again. Why not go for a bit spookier-themed birthday costume for a baby's first birthday around Halloween? For this time of the year, a cute pumpkin and bats-themed dress is always the best party dress for baby girl.

4- Best ideas for party dresses in Winter:

You can choose a royal-purple party dress, tights, cardigan, and booties for your princess's first birthday. It is optional to add seasonal touches such as holly, robins, and mistletoe as the holiday approaches. This is a great way to keep the Christmas theme going without detracting from your baby's birthday celebrations.

5- Mini mouse dresses:

If you don't want to go with the typical barbie and princess theme, dress up your new-born girl as a little mouse. This is also one of the best party dresses for baby girl.

6- Pink dress with headband:

Infants and toddlers look adorable with headbands. With the appropriate headband, you can make your baby's outfit look ten times better. These headbands instantly improve the attractiveness of your baby's attire by adding a lot of sweetness and colour. They look best with dresses, but they may also be worn with dungarees and tees.

7- Pink top with polka dots- best combo for the spring season:

 For a fantastic birthday, check out this ideal birthday combo. With a skirt or leggings, a shirt with your baby's age written on it will look amazing. For an even lovelier look, add a beautiful tiny headband. This outfit will also give your baby the best comfort, ensuring that they are pleased throughout the day.

8- Top with 1 written on it:

There are a plethora of gowns on the market now that have numbers monogrammed on them and are readily available in mini sizes. Get one of these dresses for your little princess's first birthday, and trust me when I say she will rip up the dance floor. A lovely polka dot bow headband is a must-have.

9- Flower tiara headband and dress:

Floral headbands go well with frocks and skirts for new-borns. A floral dress looks best in pastel colours and gives your kid a sweet and innocent appearance.

10- Beach birthday outfit:

If your birthday party's theme is beach and Hawaii, this dress for the birthday party's star is a great choice. You may go for a green-colored short net skirt and a yellow-colored small top as a combination for this birthday party dress suggestion. You can wear or add as many lovely pieces as you desire as far as accessories are concerned. To fit the motif, choose beaded necklaces, flower headbands, floral belts, and flower sandals.

11- Theme party outfit:

You can never go wrong with a princess-themed birthday celebration for your little princess. For a one-year-old’sbirthday celebration, a princess theme is a perennial favourite. All you have to do for this theme is decorate the venue in pink and white colours. Everything needs to be pink or white, from glass and desserts to chairs. A pretty pink dress with a net skirt can be worn by the tiny princess. She can also use wings and magic sticks to get additional charm.

For cute baby girls, sparkle gowns are also incredibly cute and lovely. If you don't have one, you may easily make one using all of the items you already have at home. For a DIY outfit, have your girl wear glittering shorts or a tiny skirt with any white or matching t-shirt. Remember to tuck their shirt in to give it a frock effect. If you don’t want to spend time on DIYs, go explore websites such as Wish Karo where there are millions of clothes that will make your girl look and feel like a princess.

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How to Dress Your Little Girl like A Real Princess

We all know that dressing up your daughter nothing sort of a princess is your dream, and to have this dream come true, you can buy anything available online which can give your daughter a more beautiful look.

You are all booked for Disney and therefore the kids are bursting excitedly. Your female child wants to seem like her favorite princess, but the dress you bought is scratchy and is leaving a trail of glitter everywhere she goes. The tulle in her tutu is so itchy, it's giving her a rash and she cries to have it off immediately. 

Is it possible to give your little princess a cute yet comfortable look? The answer is yes! We hunted down the softest, dreamiest dresses on the market, and… drum roll… a number of these are beautifully comfortable. Have a look at some of the girls' dresses online that will give your girl a princess look. There are also some long girl’s frocks in this list.

1- Frocks:

A frock is a timeless piece of clothing. Regardless of the season or the event, you can dress up your little baby girl in a frock. In your baby's wardrobe, a soft and cozy dress is a requirement. These go pretty well with stockings or tight leggings. Colors such as white, black, pink, and blue are appropriate for any occasion. In your baby girl's wardrobe, you can include both party wear and every day wear frocks. The daily wear will be made of a lovely, silky fabric with designs. The party ones, on the other hand, are soft and attractive, with extra glitter, dazzling designs, and sequin work. You can buy these from websites such as Wish Karo.

2- Unicorn Dress for Baby Girl:

Gift her the gorgeous blend of colors with the lovely unicorn. Unicorn dresses often come with a unicorn hair accessory. Colorful and creatively designed unicorn outfits for baby girls make for a perfect buy.

2- Frozen Design Costume:

Gorgeous princess dresses for teenagers designed around the Frozen theme are something that are getting to be loved by all. These real-world princess dresses make enthralling wear. From customer reviews to shopping preferences, it is evident that this is one of the best baby girls daily wear dress online.

4- Presley Couture:

Instead of being costumes, these gowns are made to look like real princess gowns. From the first look, you'd think they were expensive designer dresses, but they're super affordable. So, this is also one of the most used baby girls wear dresses online.

5- Elsa Costume | Princess Elsa Dress:

Gift your daughter the stunning Elsa look with a princess dress for girls online in India. She goes to seem the prettiest wearing this adorable princess birthday dress which will be adored by her needless to say. It’s all about choosing the colors carefully.


6- Cinderella Dress for Kids:

Cinderella has always been the foremost loved Disney princess and thus, this princess dress for toddler birthday celebration makes an awesome choice. Dress her during like a Cinderella with unique Cinderella princess dress on her birthday.

7- Princess Snow White Dress Online:

Be it her birthday or any other occasion, dressing up as Snow White will be like a dream come true for your princess. Buying this princess dress for toddler birthday makes an exquisite buy for your baby princess.

8- Tinkerbell Green Dress:

On her birthday, give her the beautiful Tinkerbell green dress. She'll look stunning in it and it will also give her a flawless look.

9- Girls Princess Fairy Costume Dress:

Girls adore dressing up like fairies, and the enchanting Princess Fairy clothes are an excellent choice for making her birthday celebrations even more fashionable and spectacular.

10- Princess Ariel Dress Online for Toddlers, Kids:

This Princess dress will definitely give your baby girl a princess look. If your little girl adores Princess Ariel, then this Disney attire is exactly what you need to dress her up for her birthday or any Disney-themed celebration.

So, by now you know about the 10 best dresses which can give your girl a princess look. Apart from these dresses, there are also many dresses available online which can give your baby girl an adorable look. If you have to buy a baby dress online, explore websites such as Wish KaroIndia.

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